Effects of Climate Change to the Design Standards of Philippines Modern Houses

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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I. Introduction
The Philippines is an archipelago bounded by the China Sea to the west, the Celebes Sea to the south, the Philippine Sea to the east and Bashi Channel on the north. The Philippines has a consistently hot and humid monsoon climate and exposed to typhoons. Philippines is also located at the Pacific ring of Fire, therefore this country has lot of active volcanoes and hot springs and because of this Philippines is prone to earthquakes. With regards to the climate condition of this country, many design techniques were used by the master builder/architects in constructing houses to resist those destructive climate conditions like typhoons and earthquakes. And this design strategies and standards were compiled and publish to make it a reference in constructing houses and other type of development. But those standards changes from time to time because of different factors. Some of this is human factors and climate condition. The design standards are derived from those factors, anthropometrics or human measurement are used in designing furniture, spaces and other structure to make it utilizable. Climate condition is also considered to make the house resilient in order to adopt the changes in the environment. As stated above, there are changes in the climate condition in the Philippines and this is because of the greenhouse effect that is happening nowadays. And this condition makes the standard not functional since it cannot adopt the fast changing condition of the climate. Nowadays, we experience extreme heat every summer, even during normal day and during rainy season, we experience strong typhoons that make the whole city or even the whole province drenched into flood. These changes are all because of the alteration made by humans on the environment, many developments were made and the natural topography of the land also changes. Therefore, the design standards that was published and studied before is not efficient on the climate condition of the...
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