Effects of Central Rift Geological Formation on Economic Activities

Topics: Volcano, Agriculture, Nakuru District Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: April 10, 2013
At the floor of the central rift, the volcanic soils that have been eroded from the top of the mountains like menengai, has been put into use through farming. There is wheat farming in Nakuru, maize plantations, Irish potato growing in the central rift due to fertile soils which support the growth of the crops. Also there is tea growing in Kericho as a result of its favourable physical factors such as climate, rainfall and soils which enable growth of tea in that area. Due to good soils in Naivasha, there is growing of flowers and horticulture due to favourable conditions. Also other economic activities in the central rift include dairy and beef farming in Delamere farm in Gilgil due to its flat landscape which allows cattle keeping in the region. On the other hand, at the top of the mountains, farming cannot be easily practiced because the land consist of bare and infertile rocks as well as due to inaccessibility for example Mt .Longonot and Menengai.

Fig 1: Wheat growing

b) Tourism
As volcanicity took place, magma spread over large area on the earth’s surface before it cooled down. This lead to the formation of plains and plateaus. This formed good habitats for different animal, bird and plant species such as flamingos at Lake Nakuru.This formed good attraction sites and beautiful sceneries which gave the central rift the aesthetic value. Then these sites were fenced and put aside as tourist attraction sites which in turn act as a source of employment to the people of the region. Fig 2: Tourist attraction animals at Lake Nakuru National Park c) Trade

Some regions due to rift valley formation and volcanicity processes formed some regions e.g. the valley floor which became good settlement areas. This is because they had good firm rocks which could enable construction of tall buildings which are stable. As the result of settlement and construction of tall buildings...
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