Effective Skills, Qualities, and Attitudes for Learning and Work

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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Unit 502: Effective skills, qualities and attitudes for learning and work Sample scheme of work

Effective skills, qualities and attitudes for learning and work is a three-credit mandatory unit for either an Award or Certificate at Level 2. This is the only mandatory unit at this level and, although it is expected that this unit will be started first, it is likely to be the last unit completed.

Unit 502 can be delivered and assessed as a stand-alone unit but is usually used in conjunction with other units to contextualise coverage of the learning requirements. This scheme of work is an example only. It is a flexible tool and covers both classroom and project- based learning. This scheme of work is based on ten sessions of 2 hours per session giving 20 hours. Centres should note that contact and non-contact hours are notional and should be used as a guide. It is at the discretion of individual centres as to how they manage their delivery and tutorials.

You can use the sample scheme of work as it is, adjust it or extract content to create a scheme of work to suit your delivery needs. A holistic scheme of work for the Award or Certificate may be more meaningful for learners. Sessions 7 to 9 are shown as linking with other units for practice and assessment but could consist of classroom based activities and assessment depending on the facilities available. The scheme of work can also be adjusted by adding theory and practical workshops to support learners who have/need additional learning time.

Reference is made within the scheme of work to worksheets, handouts and sample questions (in bold) that are available on SmartScreen.co.uk for tutors to use with learners. Any other resources listed are not provided on SmartScreen but provide guidance for the tutor as to others they may produce. The content of presentations, discussions, explanations etc are left to the professionalism of the course tutor.

Centres should also incorporate the following themes, where appropriate, as strands running through each of the sections within the qualification. Although they may not be specifically referred to in the section content section, City & Guilds regards these as valuable in the teaching of the qualification: • health and safety considerations, in particular the need to impress upon learners the fact that they must preserve the health and safety of others as well as themselves • Functional Skills (mathematics, English and ICT), Core Skills, Essential Skills (NI) or Essential Skills Wales. • extension tasks and differentiation, inclusion, entitlement and equality issues • spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues

• environmental education and related European issues
• Every Child Matters
• personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS)
• use of information learning technology (ILT).

|Course/Qualification |Group |Duration: | |Award and Certificate in Employability and Personal Development | |From: To: |

|No of sessions 10 |Delivery hours 20 |Venue |

|Aim of course | |To enable learners to: | |1. Demonstrate a range of positive qualities, attitudes and behaviours...
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