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DCE3113-Training Design and Methodology


Introduction Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. The term „presentation‟ is capable of giving butterflies-in-thestomach. This is because while making a presentation we are exposed to our audience‟s judgment and this is a frightening thought for most. While experience and command over the subject can make a great deal of improvement to a presentation, a quick reference to the right presentation skills resources can make a great difference (Hochberger, 2008). It is also important to understand that effective presentation skills are not solely for the fortunate few who are naturally good communicators but that effective presentation skill can be developed in anyone and that we all have the ability to learn how to become highly effective presenters. How to be a Good Presenter There are a range of practical skills that we can develop to become an effective presenter. According to Skillstudio (2009) the three key objectives that underline a good presentation often include the following: (1) to establish credibility with the audience; (2) to communicate information clearly to the audience; and (3) to persuade and/or influence the audience. Sillstudio (2009) categories these skills into three main areas: (1) the ability to create a clear message; (2) the ability to deliver the message effectively; and (3) the ability to fully engage with the audience. (1) The ability to create a clear message A clear message is normally a simple one. You may feel that you have to go into a lot of detail to get your message across but more often than not – “less is more”. Your audience are only able to take in so much during a presentation, so the clearer the message the more powerful it will be. Keep your message clear and simple by using the following guidelines: Have one key message only, this should be the most important point that you want to get across to your audience. Restrict it to one sentence that is easier to remember. Restrict your content to three main points only. Three is the magic number that people tend to remember things in. So if you restrict your presentation to three sections only, your audience will be more likely to remember it. Have a strong opening and ending. These are the moments when your audiences‟ attention is at its highest so take the opportunity to state and restate your key message at these times.

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DCE3113-Training Design and Methodology


The ability to deliver the message effectively So you now have a clear message and structure to your presentation and the next stage is to consider how you are getting it across effectively to your audience. The ability to express your ideas is as important as the ideas themselves and this is a fundamental requirement of effective presentation delivery. Although not everyone is naturally expressive, we all have the ability to develop our personal resources to help us enhance those expressive qualities required to help us become more effective presenters. The way you speak and look has a huge impact on what you say and how you come across to your audience and there are some simple techniques you can adopt to help enhance your overall image. Try to incorporate the following when you next give a presentation: Speak at a slower pace. We tend to speed up when we are nervous so by consciously slowing down you will end up speaking at the right pace and controlling your nervous tension. Imagine you are telling a story by doing this; you will automatically increase the expression in your voice and sound more interesting to your audience. Make eye contact with your audience. It may feel awkward at first but if you actually look directly at people you will feel as though you are having a conversation with them and this will feel less intimidating.


The ability to fully engage...
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