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Topics: Digital electronics, Boolean logic, Sequential logic Pages: 5 (1129 words) Published: December 20, 2012
EE 142

Digital Systems

Fall 2012


Assistant Professor Faik Başkaya ( Office: BETA Lab
Friday 15:00-17:00 at TESLA
Engin Afacan (
Course Description:
EE 142 is an introductory course to digital design. Its objectives are getting familiarized with the fundamentals of digital logic and understanding the basics of designing circuits with digital components.

The first four weeks of the course is devoted to the theoretical foundations of digital circuits – namely Boolean algebra. Following in the next three weeks, fundamental combinational components like adders, subtractors and multiplexors are taught. Derivation of I/O functions and generation of timing diagrams are studied. In the next stage, sequential components starting with simple latches are investigated. At this stage, different sequential components such as flip flops, counters, and finite state machines are studied. Memory units and programmable logic arrays are discussed. This course does not have regular laboratory sessions. However, in this class you will learn and use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. There will be assignments and projects that will give the ability to use CAD tools to design and simulate digital circuits. Website:

Your username is your student ID. Your initial password is also your student ID if this is the first time you are using it. Please change your password after the first time you logged in. Course info, some additional course material and your grades will be published on this website.

Required Textbook:
Digital Design by Morris Mano 4th Edition . This edition contains an introduction to Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL).
Please note that all the projects require you to use Xilinx’s Integrated Software Environment (ISE). This software is available online and its limited student version is free (Xilinx ISE WebPACK You can also get a copy of it on CD or DVD from the lab manager of the Network and Electrical Measurement Laboratory. In case you experience difficulties, please refer to the Installation Guide. You may need to add the Modelsim Library which is available in zipped format. Please unzip. A User’s Guide that explains the basic steps of using Project Navigator is also available.

You will be asked to give a demo of your simulation to your TA in a prescheduled manner as well as a hardcopy of it.

Faik Başkaya


EE 142

Digital Systems

Fall 2012

Guidelines for Writing Project Reports
Please refer to Report Writing Guidelines for a detailed discussion regarding how to prepare a report. A report template (in pdf or in doc) is also available. The report should contain a short and clear description of your design – including a short description of your problem (inputs and the required outputs), the steps you took in finalizing your implementation and results from sample inputs if asked to do so. You may look at a sample project report from former years. Please make sure that you use only your own sentences. If you need to use sentences or information (anything such as knowledge, circuit drawings, pictures, graphics) from external source, make sure that you refer to them by using the following conventions:

Place where you use somebody else’s work [ XXX] where XXX specifies the number of your reference
“……….. sentence of somebody else …..” [ YYY ] where YYY specifies the number of your reference
At the end of your report, you then add a section named References and list all the references, given full information such as who said, where, when, what pages, what html etc. as follows:
[XXX] ……Mano, M. Digital Design, pp: 140-142, Addison-Wesley, 1999. [ YYY]
(These are examples to give you the idea!)
Project Demos: You should bring a printed copy of the Project...
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