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Topics: Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Ethnic group Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: December 13, 2012
“Reflection Précis”
Reflection Précis #2, Tracking, Radical Possibilities, Race ethnicity, etc. (10/16) PART I: The article Tracking focuses on elaborating how teachers and counselors choose to split students into three categories: “fast, average, or slow learners”, depending on test scores (pg.3). Some schools state that they do not track students but that they place them where they would feel more comfortable. Standardized tests were created to sort “students into ability or achievement groups” (pg.11). But the problem with separating students into this so called achievement groups is that some people question the fairness on standardized tests. Some do not believe that the scores are based on meritocratic factors but on race, social class, and economic status making this test bias and unfair. The reality is that “poor and minority students” score lower than do whites (pg.11). Now tracking isn’t the goals for the schools but certain students still are placed do to their scores. In Inequality by design the article informs the public that The Bell Curve actually “measures academic instruction people have had, not their inherent abilities”, or even if they did, they do not inform the inequalities individual faced. The article states that minorities such as: African and Latino Americans tend to be in the lower economical status. The reason for this is because “ethnic groups are socially unequal” (pg.172). The article then goes on to inform us that such factors as freedom have gotten in the way of economical status. Many subordinate groups’ faces segregation and has been about forty years that black, Latinos, and women have earned more rights. The chart on page 174 depicts that minorities tend to have low test scores due to socioeconomic deprivation, group segregation, and stigma of inferiority. Basically students that are minorities do worst on test because they have so much weight behind them. In The Economic is Possibility, it informs the public that the...
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