Educating Rita- Into the World

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Educating Rita – work undertaken by students –how growth and change (and obstacles to these) are explored in Act 1

Scene 1:

* Door- ‘Stuck in a rut’. A barrier making a struggle to start a new beginning and put a divide between her old world and new world. ‘ Open one door, close another’. The door is a sign for Rita to re-think whether she really does want a change in her life and whether she really is ready to make a change. * Language- Dialogue revealing the different classes between them and in a way not being able to understand each other. Simply language used in the course, Rita doesn’t understand. “Yeh. It sounds filthy doesn’t it? E.M. Foster. ……..Forster” “There’s loads I don’t know”……”And you want to know everything”. * Different culture – not knowing the same text. “Yes. I don’t think I know that actual piece you mean” * Growth- “ Well I’m a student now, aren’t I? “ Transition and realisation that she is moving into a new life and that she is no longer a hairdresser and that her new life has her being a student. * Connection- swearing shows a connection between them. “Do you swear?.... Never Stop”. Although their classes are very different there are still connections that bind them together in a way. * Window- Barrier stopping her from being a proper student at the university, keeping her distant from them and restrained in a way to just Franks little world (office). * In Frank’s office she feels more at ‘home’ and able to be herself, where as at home she doesn’t get the chance. “ I don’t at home. I hardly even talk when I’m there”. On first meeting she is already comfortable enough to be happy to lean over him. * Change of name- By changing her name from Susan to Rita it is significant to her as it is a name of one of her favourite authors that inspirer’s her. She feels as though this will help her to be able to succeed like the author Rita has. “I’ve called myself Rita y’ know, After Rita Mae Brown”. * Hairdressing and the customers are getting on her nerves. She is getting bored with doing the same thing over again. She is to intelligent to be stuck giving women perms everyday. “They get on my nerves” “They never tell y’ things that matter”

* After working at the hairdressers for so long she has realised that you can’t just change on the outside, you have to change from the inside. This is why she is wanting to go to university, to not only change the outside of her and be seen with the ‘proper’ students but also to change herself inside, get a better education and succeed in life before she has to settle down and have kids. * Identifying Frank as an upper class man, not only from the way he dresses and speaks but also from the seeing that he uses margarine with no cholesterol and pebble-dashed bread. * “First breath of air that been in this room for years.” Frank sees Rita as a bit of a wake up call and a excuse for himself to change things around and rethink what he is doing in his life and where his little world (office) is going. * “I think your marvellous.” He sees potential in Rita and can relate to her in a way. When he was starting off and wanting a chance to change and succeed. * Intertextuality – Frank bargaining with Rita to leave her alone. He tells her everything that he knows but really it isn’t anything. “I’m actually an appalling teacher” “You want a lot, and I cant give it” “is that I know absolutely nothing.” He doesn’t believe he can actually help her and is afraid of failing to help her. * Rita bursting back through the door, this time being able to opening it straight away with no struggle. A sign that she has come to realise that she is ready to change and that she really does want this and she is going to stand up to Frank and make sure he helps her. She believes that he is able to help her and she likes him, even after just one meeting. “Wait a minute, listen to me. Listen: I’m on this course, you are my teacher-...
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