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Topics: Education, Racism, School Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 7, 2012

FINAL PAPER: 150 points. A maximum of 15 points will be deducted for excessive (more than 3) grammatical errors. Please staple the rubric to your Final paper.

Question 1: As the majority of students in teacher education programs are monolingual and White who have very limited experiences with children of color and English language learners, they also bring misperceptions, stereotypes, biases, and passive racism to their field experiences (Marx, p. 163).

a) Describe and discuss (1) example each of “white savior mentality” and “deficit thinking” that the White tutors had when working with Latino students. How did these concepts resonate with you? Explain how these two concepts are forms of passive racism that interfere with teaching effectively? (15 pts, 2 pages) b) Identify and explain 2 reasons on why it is crucial that you, as a pre-service teacher, become empowered by recognizing passive racist attitudes and deficit thinking in the dominant culture in order to adjust your disposition in a professional manner. What were some of the attitudes/dispositions that the tutors had before talking with Marx that you recognized in your own thinking? What are some steps pre-service teachers should take in order to value racial, cultural, and linguistic differences in the classroom? (15 pts, 2 pages) c) Describe how Marx’s study of White pre-service teachers helped you to deconstruct the neutrality of whiteness. Reflect on your own socialization into whiteness and the supremacy of whiteness as a value in the dominant culture. How does the ideology of whiteness socialize people to marginalize perspectives from people of dominated and/or immigrant cultures? How is whiteness hegemonic for Whites? Reflect on your role as a teacher in either perpetuating or countering institutionalized racism and classism. (25 pts, 2-3 pages)

Question 2: Compare and contrast the hidden curriculum for the majority of Black and Latino students in...
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