Edol 751 Assignments and Points Summary

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Summary of Assignments, Points, Due Dates and Submission Information Assignments for Module One
Assignment R 1.1 Stakeholder Interview Discussion Board

According to The Change Leader's Roadmap, Wake-up calls are “a-ha” moments—awareness of an opportunity to be pursued or a threat to be removed. They can surface anywhere in the organization, at any level. A wake-up call may come in the form of a dramatic event, such as the competition beating you to the market with a similar or better product, or it may be the accumulation of many small indicators that finally culminate in a loud and meaningful message. Examples: loss of market share, new technological advancements in the industry, mergers of key competitors, the required closure of a once valuable factory, the initiation of a hostile unionization effort, or an increase in turnover of critical talent.

Interview at least 3 stakeholders in your organization to get their input regarding opportunities to be pursued and/or threats to be removed in your organization and may have potential to serve as the focus of your Transformational Change Project. Share the results of your stakeholder interviews in this discussion board. Ask clarifying and/or critical questions of each other regarding the feasibility of turning one of the suggestions into the focus of a Transformational Change Project. Post your initial reply by Week #3 and continue the discussion through the end of Week #4 (5 points). Assignment R 1.2 Review of Literature Structure & Organization Wiki Becoming familiar with the structure of each dissertation chapter is important in preparing you for your own writing. Please locate two recent dissertations (written in the last 5 years) that are related to a dissertation topic you may have in mind. Post both Chapter Two's along with the Table of Contents for each dissertation on the wiki. Due Week #3 (5 points). Assignment R 1.3 Effective Literature Searches (Key Words, Descriptors & Search Engines) Read, Read, Read, Write, Read! (The Dissertation Journey pgs. 76-84) Building off the 5 to 7 references on transformational leadership you used to create an annotated bibliography in EDOL 750, continue to conduct a review of the literature. Create a list of key words or descriptors you will use for your search. Utilize at least 3 different search engines (i.e. Google Scholar, Dogpile). Select the “Advanced Search” option (see attached screenshot document for details) and enter your key words and descriptors. Submit the key words and descriptors you developed and the names of the 3 search engines you utilized. You may also want to consider the "Helpful Hint" provided on page 90 of The Dissertation Journey to create a matrix of your searches. Due Week #2 (5 points).

Assignments for Module Two
Assignment R 2.1 Writing Plan and Timeline
Set a goal which includes a month and year to complete the entire dissertation process. Work backwards from your dissertation completion goal and put an achievable plan in place (“Begin with the end in mind”). Items to include in your timeline may include: choosing a topic, reviewing the literature (read, read, read, write, read), develop your prospectus, write review of literature (Ch 2), decide on methodology and write Chapter 3, Advance to Candidacy, Secure a Dissertation Chair, Complete IRB application, collect data, write Chapter 4, write Chapter 5, schedule and conduct defense, prepare final submission. Assign rewards for each major milestone completed (e.g., family vacation). Due Week #3 (20 points). Assignment R 2.2 Family & Friend Agreements

After developing your writing plan share your goals and timelines with your supervisor(s), mentor(s), cohort, family and friends. Establish commitment early on with friends and family. Form “agreements” with friends and family centered on professional and personal balance. Due Week #4 (10 points). Assignments for Module Three

Assignment R 3.1 Productivity Wiki
On this wiki,...
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