Editorial Column Writing

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Column Writing
* - is a kind of writing that is personal and biased. Usually being written by veteran journalists (or those “graduated” from beat reporting); editors (either news editor, sports editor, business editor or entertainment editor) and also journalists. * - it is a feature that appears each issue under the same head, usually in the same place and is written by the same person or persons on some timely subject. Functions/Characteristics

1. Typically attempt to persuade readers
2. Simply entertain them.
1. Like other features, its treatment may range from light to serious 2. Its topics from the trivial to the highly significant
3. It may be editorial in treatment of news, satire, personal bits, pathetic or amusing incidents, pithy statements, witticisms. STEPS IN WRITING COLUMN ARTICLE:
1. Know to write and communicate well
2. Know the basics expected behind a column
3. Be prepared to thoroughly analyze the topic you write about 4. Find interesting topics or angles to draw in the reader
5. Put accuracy at the top of your list
6. Avoid conflicts of interest
7. Make it clear who the sources are in your stories.
8. Use original writing
Qualities of a good columnist
1. Keen observation
2. Good judgment
3. Sound reasoning
4. A knowledge of human nature and wide acquaintanceship
5. An original style
6. Tact
7. A wholesome sense of humor
8. Freedom from petty prejudices
Types of newspaper columns
1. Editorial (news commentary/op-ed)
- a forum for the columnist to express an opinion on a topic of great interest to readers - topic may be political in nature
- allow the columnist to simply sound off something he feels is wrong and needs to be corrected. - most serious of the personalized columns
- like editorial, it comments on or interprets timely subjects - found in editorial pages
2. Advice columns – give suggestions on:
- relationship
- sexuality
- ethics and office...
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