Ecology Exam 3

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ECOLOGY 303 Exam 3



Multiple Choice (2.5pts. each)

NOTE START AT 51 on scantron!

51.) A species-species interaction where both species benefit from the interaction is called:
a.) Predation
b.) Amensalism
c.) Mutualism
d.) Competition

52.) Which of the following is required for two species to be competing?
a.) Niches of two species overlap
b.) Two species occur in the same place
c.) A shared resource is limiting
d.) At least one population is increasing in abundance

53.) The above equation describes

a.) Change in the abundance of a predator
b.) Change in the abundance of prey
c.) Change in the abundance of a competitor
d.) Change in the abundance of a mutualist

54.) b in the above equation describes

a.) The competitive effects of species 2 on species 1
b.) The birth rate of a prey species
c.) The birth rate of a competitor
d.) The conversion of prey into predator

55.) The above equation was proposed by

a.) Gause
b.) Grinnel
c.) Whittaker
d.) Lotka and Volterra

56.) The above equation describes

a.) Change in the abundance of a predator
b.) Change in the abundance of prey
c.) Change in the abundance of a competitor
d.) Change in the abundance of an herbivore

57.) The most common outcome of competition in natural situations is
a.) An exclusion of one species
b.) Periodic oscillations of competing species
c.) A reduction in the abundance of competing species
d.) A high intrinsic rate of increase

58.) Predator prey models as presented in class generally result in
a.) Oscillations in abundance between predator and prey
b.) Exclusion of the prey by the predator
c.) Exclusion of the predator by the prey
d.) Exclusion of both species

59.) Predator prey systems in Nature tend not to follow the theoretical predictions of the modelpresented in class. What is one possible reason for this?
a.) A type I functional response cannot be maintained by the predator, thus prey can escape regulation b.) The time lag built into a type I numerical response
c.) A type II numerical response
d.) The type III functional response assumed by the model is not common in Nature
60.) The boundary between community types is termed an

a.) Ecotone
b.) Deftone
c.) Ecocline
d.) Community schism

61.) Which description is true for most communities?

a.) All species are common
b.) All species have approximately equal abundances.
c.) A few species are common and the remainder are rare
d.) All species are rare

62.) The main reason there are not many “top predators” in a community is
a.) Predator-prey oscillations cannot be maintained
b.) Most predators are cannibals and limit their own populations c.) Most top predators are regulated by their own predators
d.) There is little remaining energy to support top predators because of loss during trophic transfer 63.) Species richness at a particular site (not geographic region) is termed
a.) Alpha diversity
b.) Beta diversity
c.) Gamma diversity
d.) Iota diversity

64.) An ecologist is studying three species of predatory forest Tiger beetles that specialize on caterpillars. He finds that one species tends to eat very small caterpillars, the second species eats mid-sized caterpillars, and the third large caterpillars. This may be an example of what ecological phenomena?

a.) Host switching
b.) Niche partitioning
c.) The competitive exclusion principle
d.) A type I functional response

65.) This scientist wants to know if the species in question 64 are competing. Which of the following experiments would provide the best evidence to determine if these species are currently competing?

a.) Putting prey species together and looking for character displacement b.) Adding more prey and examining the functional response of each species to see if resources are limiting c.)...
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