Ecological Footprint Essay/Notes

Topics: Ecology, White-tailed deer, Ecosystem Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 13, 2012
An ecological footprint is the land,water, and resources consumed by a one person. As a child I probably wasn't using as many resources when it came to food or in wasting or having a "throw away" attitude towards thing. In the Assignment 1 where they showed us how many earths it would take to have the world live like "me" was shocking. And one of the main reasons as to why it was to big is because I fly a lot year-round. Taking less flights and trip/my means of transportation would greatly decrease my own ecological footprint.

A Cougar Population- If anything they would have a slight decrease or no change because they still have another source of food which is the deer. And since the population was only cut off by half they could just hunt for more deer

B. Deer populations. They would have a slight increase in their numbers because they would have more wetland grass to consume and since half of their competition for the food source is gone they would consume more.

Wetland Grass- There would be also a slight increase as it would have only 3/4 of it's usual predators.

Funding into the research of alternatives energies would be the first priorities. Searching for ideas that will lessen our dependability on coal. Also than it would to reduce methods of transportations and rewarding those who do. Putting stricter regulations on industries that contribute to high cost of energies/and pollution. That would be the second greatest of the priorites since they are great contribution to using coal. Such as

Bioaccumulation is the process in how cells absorb chemicals and nutrients and maintain them. At times this can be dangerous as it absorb/accumulate harmful chemical/pesticides. Throughout the trophic levels an organisms "energy" = tissues/fat is consumed and instead of just breaking down the chemicals, animals absorb them. When humans eat these animals that have constantly been eating other animals with these chemicals in it. We receive a great portion of...
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