Eco 212

Topics: Inflation, Supply and demand, Monetary policy Pages: 10 (2018 words) Published: May 8, 2013
College of Staten Island
The City University of New York
Department of Political Science and Economics
Income and Employment
Spring 2013

Professor:Dr. Davood Taree
Office hours: MW: 1:30- 2:30 PM

Course Information:
Course Num.: Eco 212
Location: 2N 219 Course Description:
This course examines the economy at the macro level in the long run, this would simplify learning Macroeconomics. Attention is given to the concept of supply and demand, the nature and operation of market structures. Other topics include measuring the national income, production and growth, saving, investment, fiscal and monetary policies

Text Book: Karl E.Case, and Ray G.Fair, and Sharon M. Oster, Principles of Macroeconomics, Tenth Edition, Pearson, Prentice Hall -Students are asked to keep abreast of current economic news. Reading of the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Economist, is highly recommended which may be a part of every class discussion.

Course requirements:
Final grades will be determined by your performance in the exams, oral presentations, project and the class participation. Homework is assigned but will not be collected

First Exam Second Exam Project due date | (March 6, 2013)(April 17, 2013)(May 8, 2013)| Final Exam | ( May 20,2013)|

There will be NO Make-up exam except for very special circumstances (The reason should be fully documented). You will receive a grade of zero if you miss an exam. It is expected that students attend all lectures. Anything covered in class including the materials beyond the text book is eligible for test material. Cell phone cannot be used instead of calculator during the exams

NO grades will be given by the e-mail

Small Informal Oral Presentations
Each student will present Two, one-page ORAL report from the list of the current events. Submission of typed report is not required. Your informal oral presentation should focus on:a. summary of the Index/analysisb. personal analysis and opinion * please provide photocopy or clippings of your source * provide data of issue and title of the source (a complete bibliographical entry) What is a Scholarly Journals or How to recognize a scholarly research? If you don’t see foot notes/endnotes/ references within the text do not use the article (Except HBR). Sources : Wall Street Journal , Financial Times, Economist,, Harvard Review (HBR),Columbia Journal of World Business, Bloomberg News /publication, IMF, World Bank, Institute of Supply Management, University of Michigan, Labor Department, Commerce Dept., Treasury Dept., The Conference Board. Yahoo Finance.|

Number Two Pencils are required for ALL exams.

Attendance Policy: All assignments are made on the assumption that you will be present in class each day. I reserve the right to change the schedule if needed with proper notice to the class. Attendance will be taken each day. You are expected to attend class regularly and to arrive in class on time.

Protect Yourself: Please keep photocopies of all the work you submit, including the exam scantrons.

Save Electronic Copies: Please save electronic copies in your electronic mailboxes

Penalty: Cheating of any kind will result in an "F" for the course. Duplicating/repeating/copying another student/classmate's past or present work cutting and pasting resulting in plagiarism will be considered as cheating for both parties involved. The University administration will be notified.

Class Participation, Cellular Phones, and Text messaging & Laptops: Constructive participation is highly encouraged, destructive participation or disturbing the class is discouraged. Having your cellular phone ring during class is very destructive. Using your Laptop...
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