Ec Assignment for Microbiology

Topics: Clostridium difficile, Urinary tract infection, Antibiotic resistance Pages: 3 (1330 words) Published: April 17, 2012
EC Assignment
1) First, the urine sample container should be labeled accordingly. Urine samples and transport containers should be free of any particles or anything that may interfere with the sample. The sample should be in a secure container with a leak resistant lid; this will also prevent exposure to the person handling the sample while also protecting the sample from being contaminated. It is important to not reuse any specimen container to insure that the sample is in a sterile environment and is not at risk from being contaminated. Nurses can encourage the patient to wash their hands before and after they provide the sample. The patient can also be advised to replace the lid on the specimen as soon as the sample has been collected to keep contaminates from getting in the sample. Nurses should explain that these steps will ensure the most accurate results. Nurses should also follow protocol to avoid contamination. Nurses should wear gloves at all times and wash their hands regularly. Urine should be stored properly as to avoid any additional growth of bacteria. (Becton, 2004) 2) This protocol is for samples analyzed in a doctor’s office or for a routine laboratory culture that were midstream samples for urine culture or for urinary tract infections. Negative macroscopic screened urines do not routinely require microscopic examination of urine sediment. Microscopic examination of urine sediment may be warranted when macroscopic examination is positive for blood (Hb), protein (greater than a trace), nitrite, leukocyte esterase, turbidity, or glucose concentration greater than 55mmol/l. Choices for urinalysis are urine culture only, Macroscopic microscopic if dipstick positive, Macroscopic urine culture if pyuric or nitrite present, Macroscopic dipstick, Microscopic, or special case. (Association, 2011) 3) The most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection are pain or burning feeling during urination, feeling of urgency to urinate, altered appearance...
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