Eat at Home Speech Outline

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Cooking Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Rebecca Turko
9:30-10:45AM TR
Date: Saturday, November 3, 2012

Title: Cook at Home
Specific goal statement: After my speech, I want my audience to be persuaded to cook their meals at home versus eating out at a restaurant. Thesis statement: Three types of evidence proving eating at home is better Key: cook

Organizing pattern: Topical
I.                    Introduction
A.      Gaining attention: One of the biggest ways we can make our lives better and improve our health is to cook at home. On average the American family saves more than $2,000 a year by simply eating and cooking at home. According to a recent Cambridge study, people who cook up to five times a week were 47 percent more likely to still be alive after 10 years. B.      Connection: According to my class survey,94% of you know how to cook and 77% of you eat at home. C.       Credibility: I have researched websites, books, and magazines. I am convinced that with all the evidence provided cooking at home is more beneficial than eating out. D.      Preview: Once you know how much it costs to eat out, how much faster it is to eat at home and what is really in your food, you will be convinced to eat at home and cook your own food  

[Let’s begin by looking at how cooking at home saves money.]

II.                 Body
A. When you go to the restaurant you don't pay only for the meal, you also have to pay for the service provided. You spend on average about 10$ for a simple meal but if you buy the ingredients and make the food by yourself it costs about 3$. That is much cheaper than eating out and you can save a lot of money per year.  

[Let’s continue by looking at how cooking and eating at home saves time.]  
B. With baking tools being updated constantly such as microwaves you can cook a meal in couple of minutes, but if you eat out, you will have to drive a vehicle to the restaurant and if you are lucky you wont get stuck in traffic, but if you do the average wait time is almost...
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