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  • Published: October 5, 2014
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EasyJet has a unique geographical location because it was born in England. Britain is isolated on geographical conditions, across the sea with other countries in the European continents, so the aircraft is the most convenient mode of transportation.

, but lacking of traditional service. It is more suitable for students and ordinary income people. The development prospects of low-cost airline, like easyjet, are promising, the company is exploring in the dark, becoming a good business success stories.

Easyjet provides “easy” ways for travelers to shuttle around over one hundred countries. Experiencing eight years’ development, it has become one of the most successful airlines in the United Kingdom, becoming the second largest low-cost airline company in Europe, just behind RyanAir. Nowadays, with the popularity of the Internet, in many European countries, Easyjet establishes network with local hotels, and providing budget accommodation booking service to travelers. Therefore, the lowest cost and high-efficiency are the main reason why people would like to choose Easyjet., it is affordable for everyone and completely efficient.

In conclusion, Easyjet has become a successful company in airline area. If easyjet could able to optimize the network and flight frequency, seat allocation and use of global distribution systems and other business model, to cater high-yield business travelers, which might be able to help easyJet to create another piece of the world. Moreover, development of the Internet often pushes the boom of airline industry , which brings higher productivity and higher competitiveness. Internet also is the foundation stone of Easyjet business. High penetration of e-commerce and online marketing provide a fantastic automosphere for the low-cost easyJet company.Combined with the internet techniques and airline will be great benefit to the development of international tourism and cultural intergration, thereby narrowing the distance around...
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