Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison

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Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison

By | November 2011
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Topic: Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison.
Course: Philosophy 105
Instructor: Larry Waggle.
Student: Veisinia Lelea.
Date: 11/6/11

The search and love for knowledge are as very important and deep to human nature as the drives for self-preservation and social interaction. From the time we recognized and wonder at the colors, and the beauty of us human beings and nature, and to the movement we finally confront eternity with our last breaths we are occupied with the pursuit of understanding our environment, ourselves and the nature of whatever reality may exist beyond. People wanted to know how, why, who, when, and how to ease the materialists in the quiet moments or times of pressing injustice. To answer all those questions, philosophies, which are usually designated by the geographical divisions of East and West, vary their own respective arguments and ideas. The main difference is concept of God or Gods and at the same time they have similarities ideas between Eastern and Western philosophy. Eastern philosophies found their ideas around the center of supernatural being in one sense or another. Western philosophies found their ideas around the center of supernatural or spiritual being. Frederich Nietzsche

Frederich Nietzsche thought that there was no such thing as supernatural power. He expressed his philosophical in arguments and argued that people believes in supernatural because of teachings that were passed on from family to family or traditionally passed on by families. However, Nietzsche saw something that people and no one else sees. He thinks that people are different because of how they were brought up by their family which is somehow either stupidity or it is just how they were taught from the beginning. Witnessing and looking at all this stupidity they overlooked this kind of stuff. Nietzsche argued that people should free themselves from this kind of life where they still attached and believed in what they have been taught by their...

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