Topics: Earthquake, Sichuan, Ya'an Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: May 25, 2013
2013 Lushan earthquake|
Date| April 20, 2013|
Magnitude| Mw 7.0 (GA)[1]
Ms 7.0 (CENC)[2]
Mw 6.6 (USGS)[3]
Mw 6.6 (EMSC)[4]
Mj 6.9 (JMA)[5]|
Depth| < 13 km (8.1 mi)[6]|
Epicenter| 30°17′02″N 102°57′22″ECoordinates: 30°17′02″N 102°57′22″E[3] Lushan County, Sichuan|
Countries |   China|
Aftershocks| 1,815[7]|
Casualties| 193 dead
24 missing
11,826 injured
968 injured seriously

The Lushan earthquake or Ya'an earthquake occurred in China on 20th April, 2013. The epicenter was located in Lushan,, Ya'an, Sichuan. The magnitude of the earthquake 7.0 in the Richter scale. The earthquake has resulted in 196 people dead, 24 missing, at least 11,826 injured with more than 968 seriously injured. Several townships suffered major damage, and many old buildings in Lushan collapsed.[14] The electricity service was interrupted, and the electricity grids in the counties of Baoxing, Lushan, and Tianquan disintegrated.[15][16] Telecommunication was interrupted in part of Ya'an.[17] The Chengdu–Ya'an and Ya'an–Xichang sections of the G5 Beijing–Kunming Expressway were reserved exclusively for vehicles for rescue purpose and closed to other vehicles.[18] The Xiaojin section of Sichuan Provincial Highway 210 between Baoshan and Lushan was interrupted.[18] A debris dam appeared in rooster gap of the Yuxi River in Lushan.[19] 2 volunteers were injured seriously in a traffic accident on the way to Lushan.[20] However, around 60 giant pandas in the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Ya’an were left unharmed by the devastating earthquake.[21] The epicenter was located in Lushan. It was reported that 143 people died, 578 people were seriously injured, 7537 slightly injured, 278 saved from the ruins, and 3 still missing in Lushan County.[22] The electricity grid disintegrated, and there were no water and gas services. the houses in the 9 towns and townships and in the county seat were damaged.[22] As of April 21, it was reported that 24 people...
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