Early Learning and Childcare

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Early learning and childcare
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From birth to adulthood children continually grow develop and learn,if children do not develop propely they may be unable to reach their full potential.All young people follow a similar pattern of develpoment,however each child is diffrent and may develop at a diffrent rate.There are three areas of development, physical, intellectual,social and emotional.heres is a guide of how they develop for the following age ranges "taken from study book early learning and childcare".

0-3yrs physical development
by6months a child will:
·turn their head towars sounds and movement
·watch an adults face while feeding
·smile at familar faces and voices
·reach up to hold their feet when lying on their backs
·hold and shake a rattle
·put everythings in their mouths

between 6months and 1year

·move from sitting with support to sitting alone
·roll over from their tummy to their back
·begin to creep, crawl or shuffle on their bottom
·push on or push against adult hands or furniture to reach a standing position ·raise arms to be lifted
·turn and look up when they hear their name
·pat and poke objects when playing
·pass objects from hand to hand
·look for things thathave been hidden or dropped
·reaches hand toward source of food

Between one and two years

·begin to walk
·sits alone indefinitely
·feed themselves
·push and pull toys while walking
·wave goodbye
·point or make noises to indiacte wants
·enjoy a picture book
·shake head for no
·uses thumb and first two fingers to grip
·crawl upstairs
·stoops to pick things up from floor
·begins to show prefrence for onr hand
·builds tower of few bricks
·holds crayon in palm and makes marks on paper

Between two and three

·Kneels to play
·kicks ball
·builds larger bruck tower
·pour liquids
·uses pencil to make marks and circular scribbles

Newborn to three months the social and emotional development should be the child very depdant on adults maily mother for comfort,cuddles and reassurance and the child will quieten while the adults do so.

Between six to nine months the child enjoys the company of others and begin to like games such as peek a boo and show affection to known people but shywith strangers at one to two years their social development should extend to play alongside other children also like to please adults and perform to an audience.They may become upset and distressed if seperated from known adults, a object can be used for comfort.

By two to three years they should be developing a sense of own identidy and want to do things themselves and demand adult attention and can become reluctant to share be prone to tantrums outburts but also enjoy playing with adults or older children who give attention, and play with others same age for short periods of time.

intelectual development between 0-3years should be begining to realise others are seperate beings from ourselves and become more confident but do still require adult reassurance. At 0-3 months language development should be making happy sounds 6-12 months they should be making babbling sounds and begin show feelings by squealing with pleasure, crying or laughing to show enjoyment. one to two years they should be joining words to make sentances and by two be using 50-150 words and start understand conversation and understand keywords.

by 2-3 years should be able to put words together to make sentances scribble on paper use several hundread words by three be joining in songs and be asking questionns like how? why?.

Physical development at age 3-7years

·jump with feet together
·walk on tip toes
·go up and down the stairs
·catch and thow a ball
·thread beads on to laces
·gain controll over eating tools

·throw with aim
·use sccissors
·hold pencil be able...
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