Duty of Care

Topics: First aid, Risk, Education Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Duty of Care.
-Risk Assessment for excursion.
80 Students to Sydney entertainment centre, Points to consider- -Security
-Dressing areas
-Outside entertainment area
-General Public
-Teacher/adult supervision
-medical and behaviour plan that are in place in case of an incident -Mobile range/service for emergencies
-Full equipped first aid kit

Student M -10 year old, was demonstrating behaviour in a public toilet that was unacceptable, (Jumping on a change table). When this was reported to me I addressed the issue and Students was unhappy with being spoken to about the issue. He responded with a reaction that was out of character for this child. He began swearing and calling teachers name at the top of his voice in the middle of the Sydney Entertainment centre for all public members to hear. He also throw object in a confined space of 80 students and took off. Duty of care was to all 80 students including to him. While most of the helpers were able to calm remaining students’ , two teachers need to follow Student M to ensure a duty of care was given to him and he was safe. Students M continued swearing and lashing out at the teachers among the crowd. For his safety and the duty of care was to restrain and remove the child from the crowded area and allow him to vent as needed. In this instance the duty of care was to all students including Student M , to the teachers and the general public. In restraining of this child was conducted under the policy for restraint, this includes announcing to the child and public that he is being restrained for the safety of himself and others. Restraining of students M was conducted with 2 staff members trained in restraint present.

Spinal Injury from play equipment.

Student A was clowning around on gym equipment and decided to stand on top of the monkey bars. He slipped and had tingling in his arms and legs. Following first aid protocol for spinal injuries was the import duty of care. Sending...
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