Due Diligence

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Understanding the Concept of Due Diligence
Due diligence means employers take all reasonable precautions in certain situations to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace. Employers should implement plans to identify hazards in the workplace and administer the applicable corrective action to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring. All four companies I interviewed had some sort of understanding of the concept of due diligence (from the general idea at Company CS to a full-on definition at Companies BS, OT and CM). The understanding is definitely linked to actually having safety policies and procedures. (I feel as though Company CS googled it before the interview.) Understanding of the concept itself as well as its importance is necessary before managers will see the benefit of spending time and money getting help to implement due diligence and the necessary steps. Working Towards Achieving Due Diligence

Employers must have occupational health and safety policies, practices and procedures written. Documentation of workplace safety audits, hazards identified, changes made to correct these conditions as well as proof that all employees have been provided with information to work safely are required. Employers must provide training and education to employees. All companies except for Company CS had WHMIS training. Supervisors must be trained to ensure competence as well. Company CM seemed hesitant when nodding her head so it is possible supervisors receive the same training as everyone else and are not especially focused on. Employers should have accident investigation and reporting systems in place where employees are encouraged to report “almost-accidents” (quotation marks are also in place to convey the inaccuracy of the term “accidents” since this word implies the incident was not preventable).

An example of implementing due diligence in the workplace would be applying progressive discipline for breaches of safety rules. Company CM was able to...
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