Drylab 3

Topics: Atom, Electron, Chemical bond Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: May 27, 2013
DryLab - III
1. What experimental evidence leads scientist to believe that only quantized electron energy states exist in atoms
The evidence was the Niels Bohr experiment on Hydrogen gas that established a quantized model for electron orbits in atoms that effectively explained the spectroscopic behavior of the atoms. 2. a. what is the wavelength ranges of the visible spectrum for electromagnetic radiation Answer

The ranges of visible spectrum for human eye is between 390 to 700nm

3.Explain why “roses are red and Violets are blue
human eye can view only the color that is reflected, the remaining color in visible spectrum are being absorbed by the plant pigments for energy use.

Molecule or
Molecular ion| Valence
shell Electron pairs| Bonding Electron pairs | Nonbonding Electron pairs| VSEPR Formula | Approx.
Angle| Geometric
BrCl3| 5| 3| 2| AX3E2| <90o| T-shaped |
IF4-| 6| 4| 2| AX4E2| 90o| Square planar|
CO2| 2| 2| 0| AX2| 180o| Linear|
OCl2| 4| 2| 2| AX2E2| <109.5o| Bent|
NO3-| 4| 3| 1| AX3E1| <109.5o| Trigonal Pyramidal | 5. Since FeNcS2+ has an absorption maximum at 447nm , what is the color of the FeNCs2+ Answer
reddish color

10.56 Consider the molecules BF3, PF3, BrF3, SF4, and SF6 a. which has bonds that are the most polar?
b. which molecules have a dipole moment ?

to arrange the polarity: The most polar bond is the one that has greatest difference in electronegativity (EN) between the atoms. Florin has the highest EN(4.0)
electronegativity increase across the period and decrease down the group to identify the dipole moment : draw the Lewis structure and show the vector (arrow ) of the atoms. the vectors move from the atom of high EN to law EN

if the vectors move in the opposite direction, they cancel out so, no net dipole moment a. EN increasing order B<P<S<Br<F, so the greatest deference...
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