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CCJS 340 - Drugs in Society
Study Guide

What drug is most commonly abused by young adults (as determined by recent surveys noted in the text)? Marijuana

According to the 2005 NIDA Household Survey on Drug Abuse, people in which age group are the most likely to have ever used drugs? People between the ages of 26 and 32

Findings by the Community Epidemiology Workgroup reveal that the types of drugs used in different cities vary. Which drugs seem to be more prevalent in western cities? Stimulants

Which of the following is usually not considered to be an effect of the illegal drug crisis? Increased productivity

According to the text, what factorshave been major contributors to the demise of the two-parent household? Unemployment and frequent drug use

In recent years, more than two-thirds of those responding to Gallup polls cited drug abuse as one of the biggest problems in schools FALSE

The drug war has given Americans higher purity drugs as a cheaper price. TRUE

Some form of drug use is an everyday part of living for most Americans TRUE

In many social circles, it is more socially acceptable for women to drink more heavily than men FALSE

Hispanics are more likely than whites and blacks to have ever used drugs FALSE

Children who smoke marijuana are 85 percent more likely to use cocaine than peers who have never tried marijuana TRUE

OPPORTUNITY THEORY: Street gangs train youths for adult criminality Anomie: the goal of success becomes more important than the means

CULTURAL TRANSMISSION: crime occurs in decaying transitional areas Victimless crimes: because people choose the activity, no crime has been committed by using drugs

SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION THEORY: minority youths abuse drugs due to low self-esteem

DIFFERENTIAL ASSOCIATION: People learn criminality through social contact with criminals

Which of the following is classified as a Schedule 1 drug?
Both heroin and marijuana

In 1875, what city passed an ordinance to ban opium dens?
San Francisco

According to the text, what drug became the inner-city drug of choice during the mid 1980s? Crack Cocaine

What agency was created during the 1930s because of the popularity of marijuana and amphetamines? The Federal Bureau of Narcotics

According to the text, why were many of the early anti-marijuana laws passed in the western United States? The link between immigrant laborers and violence

Which decade probably saw the most widespread abuse of illegal drugs by young people, coupled with social tolerance of drugs? The 1960s

The controlled Substance Act would likely place a drug or other substance having no currently accepted medical use in the United States into which of the following schedules? Schedule 1

Which of the following would be considered a “designer: synthetic drug? Ecstasy (MDMA)

During the mid-1960s through the 1970s, why did many entrepreneurial drug chemists begin to cook their own batches of drugs? To supply the growing number of drug users

Nearly half of the baby boomer generation expects their children to use drugs. TRUE

Controlled substances: provides criteria for classifying drugs

18TH AMENDMENT: outlawed the manufacturing and sale of alcohol except for industrial use

Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914: required the registration of legal drug use

Volstead Act: enforced the prohibition of the sale of alcohol

Boggs Act of 1951: imposed a prison sentence for drug related felonies

Community Mental Health Centers Act: provided federal funding for treatment of drug abuse

According to the text, which drug has an extremely high potential for physical dependence? Heroin

What is the most frequently encountered illicit drug worldwide? Marijuana

How does the DEA currently classify marijuana?
A mild hallucinogen

Heroin street names include all of the following except:

The neurotransmitter dopamine appears to play no important role in determining...
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