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  • Published: February 25, 2014
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Hallucinogens are extremely dangerous because of their unpredictable results. a) true
b) false
About 10% of all alcohol eliminated by the body comes from_____ a) perspiration
b) lungs
c) kidneys
d) all of the above.
Substances become a form of “self-soothing” when one feels stressed, down or anxious or feels the need for a reward a) true
b) false
In business and residential districts the speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted. a) true
b) false
Characteristics of Inhalant use are ______.
a) euphoria
b) slurred speech
c) impaired perception
d) all of the above
_______is a type of drug that induces a soothing, lulling or dulling affect. a) stimulant
b) depressant
c) narcotic
d) hallucinogen.
It takes about one hour per beer consumed to completely burn up the alcohol ingested. a) true
b) false
The law gives the right of way to no one.
a) true
b) false
About 10% of all alcohol eliminated by the body comes from the lungs, kidneys and perspiration. a) true
b) false
Driving after drinking_______the risk of bodily harm in the result of a collision. a) decrese
b) has no effect on
c) increse
d) has the same risk on
A driver should not strive to develop a positive attitude when driving. a) true
b) false
Many people with addictions feel that the use of alcohol or other substances give them a sense of control when their lives feel most out of control. a) true
b) false
For a ______ conviction of a DUI you could have your licensed revoked at least 5 years. a) third
b) second
c) first
When the driver is disturbed by emotions, this manifests itself by_______ risk taking behavior. a) decreased
b) increased
c) no
You cannot safely operate a motor vehicle without the abilities you lose after using alcohol and other drugs. a) true
b) false
As the amount of alcohol and other drugs you consume increases your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle decreases. a) true
b) false...
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