Driverless Car

Topics: Automobile, Driving, Personal rapid transit Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Report on the article, Driverless cars and how they would change motoring?

Introduction: This article was written by Daniel Nasaw form BBC news magazine. The main purpose of this article is to inform and persuade the motoring community to buy into the idea of cars that drive them self’s. Main ideas : The main idea of this self driving car is basically to reduce road traffic accidents from a number of different factors e.g. drink driving, speeding and using technology such as mobile phones ect whilst driving. Daniel stated in the article that “ your automated car isnt sitting around getting distracted, making a phone call, looing at somthing it shouldnt be looking at or simply not keeping track of things,” googles car adheres strictly to the speed limit and follows the rules of the road. If you could truly trust the intelligence of the vehicle, then you could get in and do your work while you travel, says Lynee Irwin, an engineer and director of the local roads program at cornell University, and then is quoted saying “That would stretch my day, it would make me more productive.” Daniel continues to say traffic usally slows when the volume of cars on the road increases because drivers slow to accomadate the narrowed distance from the car aheadof them. “you could get a lot more people moved at higher speed on an existing road way,” he says “congestion would be somthing you could tell your grandchildern about, once upon at time.” He then goes on to say it would benifit non mobile people e.g dislabled, “They can see the personal automobile as a service provider.” He then goes on to talk about using the car a a personal carridge vehicle to do the “school run,” and for “long distance driving.” Also googles car is a modified version of toyotas prius, but they say “When you get to a technichal change, the first thing we do is mimic what people are familiar with and comfortable with.” “People like to look out the window so i suspect we’ll keep windows in some...
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