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Drafting is putting your thoughts down on paper. Having completed lots of prewriting activities, you’re ready to compose a working draft of your paragraph in complete sentences. The prewriting phase of the writing process has helped you generate lots of ideas, observations, and details for your paragraph. If you let these notes lead you to related ideas, you will have plenty of material for the development of your paragraph. At this stage, don’t worry too much about grammar or spelling; you’ll deal with those particulars when you edit your writing. Paragraph Development

Developing a paragraph means using prewriting activities to generate more specific details and examples, or supporting sentences , about the topic sentence. These details and examples will make up the bulk of your paragraph. Each sentence in the paragraph should support the topic sentence. You should use concrete words in these examples to show rather than tell the reader what you mean in these supporting sentences. Concrete words refer to anything you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste, such as trees, boats, water, friends, fire alarm, and fresh bread. They make writing come alive because they help the reader picture what the writer is describing. Organization

Once you have generated ideas about a subject, chosen a topic, determined your purpose and audience, written your topic sentence, and thought of some details and examples to support your topic sentence, it is time to organize your ideas. What should come first? next? last? Would one way of organizing your ideas accomplish your purpose better than another? Writers often arrange the details and examples to support their topic sentence according to spatial organization, importance order organization, or chronological organization (time order). • Spatial Organization: One method of arranging details is by their relationship to each other in space. You might describe someone’s outfit, for example, from head to toe or recount...
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