Dove Notes

Topics: Unilever, Soap, Introduction Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: November 27, 2011
* In 1955 Unilever ( Lever brothers) introduced Dove
* It was introduced as a mild cleansing ingredient in soap category. * It is always positioned as a “beauty bar”
* It contains one fourth cleansing cream which moisturizes the skin instead of drying effect, an attribute which is not present in normal soaps. * Unilever promoted its moisturizer preposition heavily through advertisements and finally in 1979 its phrase “cleansing cream” was replaced by “moisturizer cream” * In 1979 a dermatologist of university of Pennsylvania endorsed the fact through a study that dove irritates and dries the skin comparatively much lesser than other soaps. * Unilever aggressively promoted the dove after this study through its moisturizer attribute to doctors. * Soon 25 % of dove users said that they are using dove because their doctors have recommended it.

Dove Brand Extension
* In 1965 a new category was introduced in Dove brand. It was dish washing detergent which survived but was disappointing. * The failure in dish washing category was due to the fact that its competitor Pamolive has already introduced washing detergents “that softens the hand while you do the dishes”, so Dove failed to use its identity attribute as its competitive advantage. * The customers didn’t felt the need to change from Pamolive detergents. * The introduction of washing detergent also tarnished the image of Dove, and after 15 years of its launch, the brand was at poor 7th position in US market covering only 3 % of the market share. * Dove also lowered its detergent price which further weakened its reputation.

P & G Olay
* In 1993 Olay beauty bar was introduced with moisturizer capability by P & G, and after one year its body wash as well. * Its body was soon covered 25% of the product category market; giving Dove a major hit and it began to lose in its own sub category.

Dove Efforts
* In 1996 Dove introduced...
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