Dollhouse Women Rights

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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A dollhouse by Henrik Ibsen is a play that tackles women’s right as a matter of importance. Throughout this time period women rights were neglected. Ibsen acknowledges the fact in his play that the role of women was to stay at home, raise children and attend to their husband in his play. Nora Helmer is the character in “A Dollhouse” who plays the women and is portrayed as a victim. Throughout the play is oppressed with inauthentic identity and is an attempt to discovery her authentic identity. The inferior role of Nora is important to because it depicts the role of women as inferior order to emphasize their role in society. Nora is oppressed by the manipulation from Torvald. Torvald has a typical relationship with society with him being a bank manager. His job has many responsibilities and he often treats his wife as if she is one of his responsibilities. He is very authoritative and puts his appearance both physical and social ahead of his wife who he claims he loves. He cares and is worried more about his reputation more, than he cares about his wife’s feelings. However Nora realizes what is happening and her feelings start to change. Slowly Nora’s character is forced to discontinue her inauthentic role of the doll and seek out her individuality. She comes to realize that her whole life has been a lie. She lived her life pretending to be someone she is not or wants to be and hid the changed women she had become. The illusion of the old Nora continues well after she becomes the new person. When she realizes that responsibilities for her are more important, Nora slams the door on Torvald on everything from the past. She became a person who could not stand to be oppressed by Torvald any longer. Nora quotes “I’ve been your wife doll here, just as at home I was papa doll child”. Nora identity is in the process of being built while Torvald calls her “little lark”, his “little squirrel”, and a child. This made Nora grows even stronger and she starts to stand up to...
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