Doing Business in Spain

Topics: Spain, Iberian Peninsula, Mediterranean Sea Pages: 5 (451 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Spain has four official languages:
Always shake
hands when
On a meeting people
arrives on average
30 minutes late.

Spain is a sovereign state located in
southwestern Europe. Spain and
Portugal form the Iberian Peninsula,
this is bordered to the south and east
by the Mediterranean Sea, to the north
and north east by France and Andorra,
and to the west and north west by
Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.
Spain also is formed by Balearic
Islands in the Mediterranean Sea,
Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
aotonomous cities located in north




Typical meals in Spain:

Topics to avoid:


Paella Valenciana
Pinchos and Tapas


The Civil
War and

Iberic Ham

Spanish Omelette
Spanish Times:
-Breakfast: 8:00
-Lunch: 14:00
-Dinner: 21:00

-Office Times:
- 9:00-14:00
- 17:00-20:00

Basque and

 Power distance
In Spain there is distance between
boss and workers. Spain is a
hierarchical country. It is important to
keep workers motivated and the
easiest way is promoting them.

 Individualism-Collectivism
Spain is individualistic. People usually
care for itself rather than for the
group. It is important to keep this in
mind in business.
 Masculinity-Femininity
Spain is a highly egalitarian country, is
considered a modern country where
men and women have equal rights and
 Uncertainty Avoidance
Spain is high uncertainty avoidance.
Spanish people like to have the
situation under control, without
contingencies. People are influenced
by the thought of the family and do not
take too much risk.

relationships are essential for the
business success.
Hierarchy and position is
important in the Spanish culture,
you should be aware of who
you're talking to.
Spaniards usually interrupt you
when you talk to them, this is a
sign of interest, and you should
not feel upset about it.
It is typical in Spain do business
lunches or dinners.
You should be aware about what
you say and how you say it.
Many Spanish business people
speak English

With these tips will be much
easier to reach an agreement

Remember: Spain is in Crisis!

Politicians in Spain are not in a
good time as there are many cases
of corruption.
There are over 5 million people
unemployed in Spain.
In Spain is forbidden working
before 16 years old.
The working time is usually 8
hours daily and 40 weekly.
Most of the companies in Spain
are considerate small and familiar

 Long Term Orientation
Spaniards are usually low long term
orientation. People use to live the
present without thinking the future
too much.

“Doing business in Spain”
Cross Cultural CCS6A2
Pablo Juan Estevan

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