Doggy Care Executive Summary

Topics: Corporation, Explanation, Strategy Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: April 17, 2013
“Doggie steps” is a pet business venture, which aims to be set as a leading example in booming business of pet care markets. The operations of the company will be modelled on the basis of innovation, strategic acquisition and brand growth. With a fantastic portfolio of human resources and products which we are intensely passionate about, we will delight growing number of customers in gurgaon with great care every single day. Everything we do will be channelled by the company’s philosophy of care, innovation, customer centricity and intense passion. This report will outline the initial steps to meet the company’s objectives and goals. This report has been formulated after collecting individual insights from key players of the company; which will be instrumental in establishing the company “Doggie steps”. Our report begins with an overview related to the key events and the developments that has aided the company founders to set up this business venture. In this section, the readers will be able to relate the company’s vision to the significant details of the market. Strategic approach to needs and reasons for choosing a location has been summarised in this section. A brief account of the market related figures has been provided in the market analysis section of the report. This section will also broach upon the current gaps in the market that needs proper attention. The next section will explain how the company is going to provide value to the customers. A six step plan, which has been formulated by the company founders, has been provided in this section. The company aims to win market share by practicing the six step plan. Also a detailed marketing mix comprising key characteristics has been explained in detail to complement and help us meet our goals with respect to the six step plan. The following sections- pricing and distribution channels has been supported with facts and figures that will be implemented by the company to start up the operations of our...
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