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Chapter 1

The Proposed Scheduling, Information and Payroll system is designed to help JJL Security and Integrated Service, Inc System to save information, monitor transactions and make payroll easier and faster. This system helps the said Company by saving the information of the Security Guard being hired to their company. They can easily assign Security Guards in a certain place, company or a people to be guarded. This system can easily provide the information of Security Guards having the licensed and the one who has not. The system can easily monitor where a certain Security Guard is being assigned and monitor what are time of his/her duty. This system is not only capable of monitoring the said Security Guards but it can also help the User to make Payroll for Security Guards easy and not time consuming. Deductions will be easily deducted to the salary of the Security Guards. A number of benefits may result from the project study as well. It will help the User to make the transaction convenient. The Employee’s as a user, it simply enter a valid Username and Password to access the system. The system is strictly accessible by a valid Username and Password for Security purposes; which will help the User to add, save, update, print of a record in the system. This system provides the schedule and monitoring of a certain Security Guard and Payroll. For security and confidentiality of the data, the administrator has the sole access to the system.

1. 1 Project Context
JJL Security and Integrated Service, Inc System (JJL) is designed to help the JJL employee’s to monitor the schedule of a certain security guard and easy to transact and collecting payments. This System makes transaction more efficient and reliable. The objective of this project is to develop the JJL Security and Integrated Service, Inc System and also to know about the technologies used in developing and the system spend lesser time in resolving invoice and other discrepancies.

1.2Problem Statements
The main objective of the study is to create a computerized automated system for JJL Security Agency Service Integrated System, during the school year 2012 - 2013

The specific objectives that must be met in the creation of the said system are the following:

1.) How do we make the transaction of the Security Agency easier and convenient for Administrator? 2.) How do we prevent/avoid loss of information about the said transactions? 3.) How do we prevent/avoid redundancy of data?

4.) How to create an accessible and system to store the information and payments of the Security? 5.) How to access and monitor the payments of the Security in a specific company?

1.3Objectives of the Study
The objective of the study is to create an automated system that can allow the user easy to process the JJL Security and Integrated Service, Inc. and Payroll system. To help the employee to do their job effectively that would help the performance of the system.

This system aims to:
1. Make an automated system that will generate automatic results for the company needed;
2. Provide a better interaction with the system and the user;
3. Make the transaction easy to process;
4. Provide easy access and retrieval of information;
5. Monitor the payments of the Security in the specific company by storing the data into the database.

1.4Scope and Limitations
The proposed system focus on the development of the JJL Security and Integrated Service, Inc. and Payroll System that involves the process of the system. * Adding Security
The user can add security guard.
* Gun Type
The user can able to have gun if he/she is Licensed.

* Hired Security
The user can hire a Security to the Company.
* DTR of the Security
The user can calculate the hours and time in.
* Payroll of the Security

The programmer only focuses on the main function of the system based on what has been...
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