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Topics: Recycling, Watauga River, Want Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: March 28, 2012

The audience for this film will be any person who is currently interested in trash, waste, recycling, or becoming sustainable. The lower age group for this film will be college aged students, as young as 18 years old; the upper bracket can be anything. There is no maximum age for wanting to collect knowledge.

Why will your audience want to watch your film?

The audience will want to watch our film because we will be presenting a topic that is current and needs to be addressed now. We will also be focusing a lot on the local aspect of this topic, so people in Watauga County will be interested to see how we can change around here to help solve the problem of trash and waste.

What is the subject of the documentary? What is it about? Who is it about?

The subject of this documentary will be trash, waste, recycling, and becoming sustainable. It is a broad topic but we believe that covering the issue, and showing how we can fix it will be able to increase the audience of our documentary. Showing just the issue of trash is such a specialized topic that we would drastically cut down interest, so we chose a broader topic.

Is there a conflict in the story? What is it? OR Is there a change in the story? What is it?

The conflict in the story will most likely be how we can reverse the damage we have done or stop damage from happening. So far we have mostly been using landfills and throwing things away, causing us to create new things when we can easily reuse them or come up with alternatives that don’t drastically harm the planet.

What is the point of view you will be showing about the subject?

The point of view we will be showing on the subject will be that of conservation and healing. Rather than merely stating the problem trash and waste have consumed us, we are all doomed, we plan to set out a way of saving the planet.

What is your hook? Why will someone continue watching your film after one minute?...
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