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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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   DQ 1:  What is your intent in beginning a doctoral program? How does your intent fit the scholar-practitioner-leader model?

My intent in beginning a doctoral program with University of Phoenix is to continue my education in the hopes of eventually becoming a professor in the Business Management field.  I graduated last year in early 2012 by completing my Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in the overall business aspect at University of Phoenix online.  Also, I have more than seven years of mortgage/real estate experience in the field as a Collections Manager, Loan Underwriter, and Escrow Team Lead Manager.  My primary goal always has been to become a college professor and I want to work hard to achieve my doctorate so I can instruct my future students in Business Management.  My goal is to achieve my doctorate so I can help everyone and display by instruction on how to become a great leader in the corporate world. I know by receiving my doctorate will expand my knowledge in the business world and further my education to become a success. All of these course are available online with 24 hour access and I can set my own schedule. This intent is an excellent fit for the scholar-practitioner leader model because one of my greatest passions is helping others to get on the right path. The key is to teach people how education can impact their lives and different ways to be an effective leader. I work a full time job that is very demanding and it requires to get things done by deadlines. That means that my classes are flexible with my work schedule. I am recently working with a home mortgage named Wells Fargo as a Consumer Loan Underwriter 2. My job is to underwrite private mortgage banking loans such as self employed borrowers who owns various of businesses with multiple real estate properties. Additionally, I have worked as a Team Lead Manager operating quality control in the bankruptcy department with a company named CitiMortgage. ...
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