Doctor Wooreddy´S Prescription for Enduring the Ending of the World

Topics: Tasmanian Aborigines, Tasmania, Bruny Island Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Doctor Wooreddy´s Prescription for enduring the ending of the world. By Mudrooroo.

1. The Omen, one; Wooreddy is a child but a wise one since he often listens to the old men. He lives on the island of Bruny. One day he steps on a thing not of this earth, an evil omen from the ocean. He then realizes that he will see the ending of the world. Two: he grows into puberty and has the burning ritual, while the men tell him the myth of the Great Ancestor. He wants to find a mate but it has to be a local one. Mangana hast lost his wife to num (ghost/white man). People accept this curse on their people, but W knows that it’s the ending of the world. He decides to leave this haunted island. 2. Seek Allies: Fire is important, it keeps Ria W away. W finds a village with friends of his family and stays there. He haunts for the old men in return for their knowledge. He gets married. He isn’t a man before he has killed a num who takes their land. Goes on an expedition, kills a num and bring back a panoine (dog) to his father-in-law. He wants to see his homeland, takes his wife and children. Two: he makes a canoe which his wife then pushes across the river – only women can be in water. They watch a woman being raped on the beach and all the while W wonders why the ghosts’ dicks are white and about their grammar. The woman turns out to be M´s daughter. They proceed to the camp where W´s wife provides sea food while M tells of his loss of his 2nd wife. M tells W to have his daughter when he is gone. The daughter spends much time with the ghosts and gets tea, sugar etc. which M likes. M´s life has once been saved by a ghost and now he owns his life to them. Three: they begin wearing clothes so they won´t offend the ghosts. The women of the camp spend too much time with the ghosts, Luuna too. W likes the tea and sugar but not the ghost food. Four: A missionary arrives with a boat full of convicts, to civilize the Aborigines. W sees Mr. Robinson as an ally with whom he can...
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