Diversity Worksheet

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Ethnic group Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Diversity Worksheet

What is Diversity? Why is it valued?
The term "diversity" is used broadly to refer to many demographic variables, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, education, geographic origin, and skill characteristics. “Diversity should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anyone else, even within the categories above. People tend to reject what is different. Our differences/diversities can lead to growth as a society or it can lead to violence and hatred. We must value our diversity in order to work together for the common good of our society/world.” (Source: US Dept of the Interior)

What is ethnocentricism? In what ways can ethnocentricism detrimental to society? Ethnocentrism can be defined as the preferencing of an individual’s culture over the cultures of any other group. Ethnocentrism leads us to make false assumptions about cultural differences. We are ethnocentric when we use our cultural norms to make generalizations about other peoples' cultures and customs. “Such generalizations -- often made without a conscious awareness that we've used our culture as a universal yardstick -- can be way off base and cause us to misjudge other peoples.” Ethnocentrism can lead to cultural misinterpretation and it often distorts communication between human beings. “Ethnocentric thinking causes us to make wrong assumptions about other people because ethnocentrism leads us to make premature judgments.” (sources Wisegeek.com T.Ellis-Christensen and Howard Culbertson, Southern Nazarene University) Define Emigration and Immigration

These 2 words are mixed up frequently, mostly because they sound the same I think but have completely different definitions. I think the biggest difference in the two in that one means to LEAVE and one meant to ENTER. Below I will list the Webster’s definitions of both words. “Immigration: im·mi·gra·tion (Noun) The...
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