Diversity of Culture

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: February 8, 2013

I. What is the purpose of the writing? To who is it directed?
I believe that the purpose of the writing was to get the United States to take a long look at itself. He was directing his writings not only to black people, but to all of the citizens of this country. I feel like he was making a plea to the inhabitant’s of this country to make a change from within. He wanted people to realize that if we do not face our past, we would never be able to improve our future as a nation. Similarly, my partner also feels like he was speaking to all people, no matter what their skin color may be, but especially to young black males. She makes it a point to express to her son, that he should never feel intimidated by any man because he is a man as well. Also, she tells him that as long as he becomes educated, maintains a good character, and treats all people with respect, this will speak volumes about him. II. Is the message effective? Is it frightening?

I think that his message is very powerful. It was very straight-forward and truthful. He made a point to speak to our people by telling us to realize our full potential, even though white people would have us to believe we are bound to fail. On the other hand, he also addressed white people by suggesting that they were trapped in their history, and if they refused to change their attitudes towards diversity, this country was destined to fail. Unfortunately the truth hurts so I would tend to believe that many people, especially white Americans were taken back by the

directness of the essay. It was probably very frightening to white people due to the fact that he was very frank about their feelings towards black people or the lack thereof. In like manner, my partner also thinks it was very effective. She sees it from a woman perspective as well. Females feel discrimination from many angles of life. She has personally experienced it in the corporate world. The most frightening thing to her is that no...
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