District Writing

Topics: Thought, Human, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: February 21, 2013
District Writing #1
Have you ever wondered about what flaws the person you admire have had ? Well I believe that we will benefit from learning about the flaws of the people we admire and respect. This shows that everyone isnt perfect and that even the people that you find amazing isnt that great after all. Everyone is alike and have there flaws at some point of times. Seeing this gives you the sense that everyone is human and make mistakes, have there days, and everyone is equal. So as a conclusion all I am saying is that ones you know that the people you admired have there flaws to, you will see that everyone on earth is human and are equal to you nothing more and nothing less. First, learning about their flaws shows that everyone have there days. By this I mean, that if you just think people that are admired dont have flaws then seeing that they do you will know that everybody have flaws at the end. Now it up to you to make it known or not, so if you dont then nobody will ever know this can be a reason that you dont think they have their flaws. For example, if you were under the age of 16 and had a baby and you tell people besides family things can spread and alot of people are going to know. Whereas, if you just tell family it will remain there. People that are admired have pronblems they just dont allow the world to know about there problems. Secondly, learning these things would show that they have there days just as well as you do. Such as when you thing they dont have bad days because there life look perfect to you, deep down they are having major problems at home. For example, people are all human and go through alot of things that you may not thing they go through. Just because somebody smile in your face doesnt mean that they are happy and not going through alot. Sometimes people smile to keep from crying or thinking about whats going on at home alot of times. So just cause a person acts a certain way doesnt mean that they are having an amazing...
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