Distinctive Voices Notes

Topics: Gun Control Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: October 14, 2012
The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender
Claudia Valentine
Androgynous/masculine – “good looking blonde in there too” Erudite – Reference to Archimedes when in the bath
Flippant – “One of the former and 2 of the latter.” Referring to husband and kids when asked aboutthem Judgemental – “Piss-stained pants”

"I woke up feeling like death."
"I didn't recall issuing the invitation but I must have."
"Terminal Illness."
"My legs are my best weapon."
"...the smell was there, the smell of intrusion."
"I felt sympathy for her but it was too late."
"The old boys' network had begun."
"And meeting an angel had certainly brightened up my day."
"...an ash-tray: full...and a bottle of Jack Daniels, empty..." "They looked like cops, or hired muscle."
"But in Sydney, money buys status."
"Crime figures who are, themselves, respectable businessmen." "I don't carry a gun like some of my more cowboy colleagues."  "Funeral processions have disappeared from the streets of Sydney." " 'No,' I said, matching her word for word"

"The clink of balls hitting together in the pool-room, and not just the balls on the table."  "The BMW guys, fat cats (the rich) surfer guys' conversation dropped to the ground like pebbles as white as porcelain."  "A face that could launch ships."

Harry Lavender
Confident – “I am famous, a legend in my time”
Formal – No colloquialisms used in his writings “my schooling had been interrupted by the historybeing created in Europe”

"Oh yes, they will remember."
"Tangled in the sticky threads of love they falter."
"Its growth and mine are inexorably linked."
"...the veins, the road like veins, the transport of deadly cargo, the bloodstream of the city's body." "My address in the city is The Beehive."
"In the world of the hive deviation is not tolerated."
Repetition of "The motherboard".
"Technology is light years ahead of ethics."
"The motherboard could last forever but the casement of flesh is crumbling..." "I stand on top of my city."...
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