Distant Waves

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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GENRE: The genre of Distant Waves is science fiction because it is something that didn't happen that has futuristic thing in it such as earthquake machines, time travel, and other advanced devices that we don't have today. It also gave scientific explanations for everything.

SETTING: The setting of Distant Waves is in many places. First, it is in Spirit Vale, New York. Next, the setting is in New York City, New York. And finally, the setting is on the Titanic.

Jane- Jane is an inquisitive girl who believes some things around her without explanation and is defensive of her familyy and friends. A bit of a bookworm, Jane reads (excuse the pun) as a nice and determined young woman. Than-Thad is a nice and intersting man who is a sucker for science and scientific theories- - and Jane. He is also determined and inquisitive, and loves a good book. He is very mulit-cultural and interesting. Mimi-Mimi is the sweet and beautiful older sister of Jane who things there is a logical explanation for everything. Even when given proof of things that could be real, she dismisses them without a glance. She is stubbern and not easily persuaded, but loveable and kind so therefor, she is my second faveorite character in Distant Waves, Jane taking first plave. Emma/Amalie- These are the quirky twins who posess the “gift”- - that means that they are mediums and could see into the spirit world. Amalie has the gift more, and never speaks unless through Emma, which is why they are tetnically two people in one body. Near the end of the book when Emma dies, her soul goes into Amalie's body and they truly become one. They can also hear eachothers thoughts.

THEME: The theme in Distant Waves is the impossible is always possible. There is various evidence throughout the book with the various inventions. Here is an excellent example! (p.316)
I think I know what might have happened. I hope so, at least. Telsa's time travel device...
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