Dissection Procedures

Topics: Washing, Cleanliness, Dissection Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Each class will be divided into dissection groups of 4 students. Your participation in the dissections will be assessed in your final grade at the end of the semester. These guidelines will be followed:

1. Participation: each member is expected to participate in all activities. Defined roles include: i. “Surgeon” – performs major work of dissection, identifies structures. ii. “Nurse” – assists the surgeon, cleans and ties structures iii. “Researcher” – reads aloud instructions in manual, helps with identifications iv. “Recorder” – keeps group records, including diagrams from specimen

Group members should rotate roles so that each member performs each of the four roles.

2. Safety: each group member must comply with all safety regulations, taking specific precautions with dissection tools

3. Clean up: At the end of the Dissection laboratory, each group must complete the following:

a. Specimen
v. Spray animal with animal preservative (70% alcohol) vi. Place animal in a plastic bag and attach a label with the following information: 1. Course and section number

2. Name – may be a group member name or you may name your animal vii. Secure the bag with cord and place in labeled storage container

b. Equipment
viii. All dissection equipment should be washed, dried and placed back in their containers. ix. Wash the dissection pan with Lysol and dry with towels

c. Environment
x. Wash the bench top with Lysol solution and dry it xi. Clean up any spills from the floor, including any towels or animal parts xii. Biohazard bags are no longer required for disposal of animal parts, gloves, etc. All trash may be disposed of in the regular trash receptacles.

4. Specimen study outside of scheduled lab time
d. See open lab times on Blackboard or posted on...
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