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Assessment Task for TDA 2.13 Provide Displays in School

Submission for LO1 – 15 May other dates to be determined by assessor visits

You will have been asked to do a display in school. Before you do this (Or retrospectively) produce a work product that describes the following:

LO1 .1
In what ways did you use the school policy for displays? If there is no policy what guidance from the teacher did you follow?

LO 1.2
Using your knowledge of school practices describe the importance And purposes of displays. If you refer to the taught session notes please make sure you link them with your practice using examples.

LO 1.3
Give examples to describe how the display you are planning and others in the school are used in the learning process.

LO 1.4
Describe the risk assessment procedures you would need to follow, if you identify any risks what will you do about them?

Other methods
LO 2.1 You will need to produce a plan of the design and content of the display you will be creating. You MUST agree the purpose with the relevant member of school staff. They should sign this for you and you can show this to your assessor. Please ensure in the plan you have covered elements of the LO’s in LO1 and how you will be involving the pupils. Remember the more detailed the plan the more LO’s can be professionally discussed with your assessor when she/he visits the school so look at the unit as a whole.

A professional discussion with your assessor can take place to discuss your plan and how you involved the pupils. In addition you should make notes on how you will evidence LO4. If as suggested you are keeping a diary you can refer back to that for notes on when you maintained and revamped your display. This will help you identify the optimum duration of a display.

All this does not have to be limited to your display, you may wish to develop your practice in maintain other displays in school, ( With the teachers permission of course)...
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