Disney Swot Pestle Analysis

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Store Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: May 24, 2013

•Disney’s collection of brands includes some of the most globally-recognized and durable names: Disney, ESPN, ABC, Pixar, Marvel, and now, Lucasfilms •Disney has proven over and over again that it is able to make profitable and smart investments to boost growth, as its Marvel brand has already produced Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers, and Pixar consistently produces blockbuster hits •The financial growth of the company remains solid even through financially stagnant times, with the rate being in the high single digits for the past years in the sales department, this trend is projected to continue into the future •The company pays out an annual dividend of $0.60, which at current prices puts the dividend as yielding 1.20% •The company is heavily diversified, operating in five segments: media networks, studio entertainment, interactive media, parks and resorts, and consumer products, and is an established giant, worth $89.46 billion on the market

•Very high competition in the market that they operate
•The company derives the large majority of its revenue from the volatile and unpredictable child market, as one day the world’s kids might like one thing and next another character or story •The company’s success is highly linked to the overall economic condition as their products are the complete opposite of necessities, in times of despair people are noting going to have the money to go on a vacation or buy gifts at the Disney Store •Walt Disney was racist

| Opportunities| Threats|
Political| | Possible increases in Tax|
Economic| Less profitable companies closing| Recession meaning less spending on non-commodities| Social| People have more leisure time| Ageing population | Technological| Advances in film production e.g. 3D| Higher costs to keep up with technologies| Legal| | Film piracy |

Environmental| Increased interest in animals with endangered environments- e.g....
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