Disney Case

Topics: Nutrition, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 20, 2013

In September 2006 Disney Consumer Products (DCP), the licensing arm of the Walt Disney Company, introduced a broad line of child-oriented “better for you” foods ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen meals through an exclusive partnership with Kroger supermarkets. “Disney Magic Selections” were designed to meet stringent nutritional requirements set by Disney and were supported by child-oriented packaging featuring two new Disney character personas: Chef Mickey for packaged foods and Farmer Mickey for fresh fruits and vegetables. The launch was part of a major shift in DCP’s food and beverage products strategy. In response to a global rise in childhood obesity, Disney changed from a passive licensor of Disney characters to food companies to become a strong advocate of better nutrition for children. The Walt Disney Company—and by extension DCP—was highly influential with children. The case asks whether the company can use “Disney magic” to get children to switch from sugary, processed foods and become lifelong converts to a more nutritious diet. More broadly, the case allows students to consider the role and responsibility of a for-profit company in addressing a significant social issue, namely, obesity. QUESTIONS: Answer each question in as much detail as possible. Questions 1-6 are worth 10 points. The last two questions are worth 20 points. 1. What does the Disney brand stand for? How does the Disney brand translate to “food”? Do you agree that companies like Disney can be a credible source of nutrition information? 2. Is it a good idea for Disney to participate in the children’s food business? Explain with at least 3 reasons. 3. Based on what you know about children and their behavior, from a communication perspective, what do you think Disney needs to do to be successful with this new launch (Discuss at least 3 things)?...
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