Discussion Question on Memory Loss

Topics: Short-term memory, Working memory, Memory Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: July 18, 2012
1. Knowing the little bit about his problems, describe what likely occurred in Cyrus’ working memory that prevented him from remembering his boss’ directions. Be sure to use the vocabulary words learned in this unit.

This quote can accurately describe what happened to Cyrus: "If there is a lack of directed attention, then very little to no content that is held in [short term memory] will be memorized" (Ausbrook, Pg 18. 2011). Considering the amount of stress from marital problems as well as financial problems, both of which can contribute to a lack of sleep and appitite issues, I would say that Cyrus' attention was not on the assignment his boss gave him nor the directions. A simple solution for his short-term memory loss would have been to write the directions down in a step-by-step manner.

2. Explain Cyrus’ memory problems using one of the memory theories from the assigned reading. Name the theory and explain it using the information from the scenario. Cyrus is suffering from Reduced Capacity memory problems. One of those factors being age. Cyrus cited that he was able to recall things more easily in high school and college but Cyrus' ability to recall assignments given to him by his boss are completely forgotten. Ausbrook states on pg 10 that "the brain focuses attention more carefully so that the new information can become known" (2011). The problem is that Cyrus' attention is focused more on his marital problems or his financial problems and therefore the details for the assignment his boss gave him were not committed to his short term memory.

3. Propose at least two interventions that could be used to help increase his memory. Be specific! One way to increase Cyrus' reduced memory capacity would be to associate. For example, when learning vocabulary for a new language it is recommended that you tape flash cards to images of the word. If you were learning the vocabulary for objects in your house you would tape the word for lamp on a lamp, the word...
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