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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Even though there was a lot of good advice to be taken out of watching the videos, two topics really stood out from the rest; diagnosing and assessing, and self-care. As counselors we are privileged to diagnose and assess our clients and it is vitally important to diagnose correctly because that diagnosis may follow the client for the rest of his/her life. Diagnoses must be done with great sensitivity and care. We must also be competent in diagnosing a client and never assume because we are dealing with someone's quality of life. Dr. Thomas (counseling assessment, diagnoses, and treatment planning presentation) made a valid point in regards to performing a diagnostic interview. That by doing so will help the counselor determine exactly what it is they are going to be dealing with beforehand. He also emphasized the importance of self-care. As Christian counselors we must stay in a Christ-centered place through self-care. If we do not stay nourished, we will wear ourselves out. Counselors need to pay attention to themselves to acknowledge any stress or burnout. An article published by Counseling Today put it simply, "most counselors are familiar with self-care — even preaching the concept religiously to clients — many find it a challenge to put the concept into practice in their own lives" (Counseling Today). By providing ourselves the self-care we need, will allow us to maintain professional effectiveness.

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