Disciplinary Action

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Disciplinary Actions At Banking Sector

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Standard Chartered Bank: Rules and Code of Conduct.6
Standard Chartered Group6
Legal Parties7
Examples of Disciplinary Action Taken At SCB8

This report concerns on the disciplinary actions taken in any organization. The report contains relevant information about what are disciplinary actions, the angles or dimensions in which the disciplinary action can/may be taken and types of disciplinary actions. More over this report also holds an interview with Mr. Fareed Khan, Human Resource Manager at Standard Chartered Bank. He shared his knowledge regarding the disciplinary action that SC takes when there is misconduct taking place in their organization and what are the procedures through which they take those actions. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS

Discipline is a form of training that enforces organizational rules. Organizational Rules are specific guidelines that regulate and restrict an individual behavior. Rules reflect a management decision that whether actions should be taken or not in a given situation. In any organization there are a certain set of standard rules and regulations, which every employee have to follow as their duty. But when the employees break these set of rules, intentionally or unintentionally, they have to pay a price for that misconduct. There are some problem employees in every organization that often cause the most disciplinary situations. If the employer fails to deal with these problem employees, this will send a negative impact of other employees. Therefore, Disciplinary actions are thus taken for the correction of the misconduct of the employees in an organization and to improve and recover the respectability and decorum of the workplace. But disciplinary actions must be taken by appropriate people and must hold on to the policies of the agencies that are involved, so that the misconduct can be treated fairly. TWO DIMENSIONS OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION:

There are two dimensions in which discipline is viewed.
* Positive Discipline: Positive Discipline implies discipline without punishment. The main aim of this is to ensure and encourage self-discipline among the employees throughout the organization. The employees in this case identify the group objectives as their own objectives and work hard to achieve them. The employees follow and stick to the rules and regulations not because to the fear of penalty and punishment but due to the inbuilt desire to coordinate in achieving organizational goals. Employees exercise self-control to meet these goals. Therefore these actions are much preferred for the increase of employee commitment with the organization * Negative Discipline: Employees adhere to rules and regulations in fear of punishment which may be in form of fines, penalties, demotions or transfers. In this case, the employees do not perceive organizational goals as their own goals. They have no commitment with the organization. They only fear the management. The action taken by the management to ensure desired standard of behavior/code of conduct from the employees in an organization is called negative discipline. The fear of punishment prevents the employees from going off-track and committing a fraud, they have a lack of job security. TYPES OF PENALTIES FOR MISCONDUCT/INDISCIPLINE

For not following the standards of behavior/code of conduct in an organization, there are two kinds of penalties categorized as- * Major penalties- These penalties are given when a serious...
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