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Guidelines for conducting

Earthquake and Fire Mock Drills
in Schools / Educational Institutions

Disaster Management Cell
Department of Revenue, H.P. Secretariat, Shimla




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1. Basic Hazard Profile of Himachal Pradesh 2. Need of Awareness and Preparedness for Disaster Safety in Schools 3. Creating Awareness about School Safety 4. Conducting Mock Drills 5. Emergency Evacuation Plan 6. Mock Drill Calendar 7. Emergency Mock Drills & Exercises a) School Fire Drill Procedure b) School Earthquake Drill Procedure 8. First Aid Kit Annexure-1 Key Contacts for More Information Annexure-2 Response Teams: Composition, Roles & Responsibilities

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 Fire & Evacuation Drill Reporting Format  Details of the Team Members Annexure-3 Details of the Mock Drill

Guidelines for conducting Earthquake and Fire Mock Drills in Schools / Educational Institutions

1. Basic Hazard Profile of Himachal Pradesh:
Himachal Pradesh is prone to various hazards both natural and manmade. Main hazards consist of earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, snow storms and avalanches, draughts, dam failures, fires- domestic and wild, accidents- road, rail, air, stampedes, boat capsizing, biological, industrial and hazardous chemicals etc. However, the hazard which poses the biggest threat to the state is that of earthquakes. Another form of the natural hazards in the state is the frequent occurrences of landslides. The hills and mountains of Himachal Pradesh are liable to suffer landslides during monsoons and also in high intensity earthquakes. Although widespread floods problems do not exist in the state because of topographical nature, the incidences of flash floods are increasing and causing large scale damage. Besides, with the increase of road connectivity and number of vehicles plying on these roads in the State, the number of road accidents and loss of precious human lives is increasing day by day. Another major disaster that affects the state is forest fire. Over the years the forest wealth of the State is being destroyed by the incidences of fire attributed to both anthropogenic and other reasons. The destruction of rich flora and fauna of the State due to forest fires will have serious repercussions on the ecological balance of the State. The State is known as land of Gods. Every year, large numbers of devotees visit temples and religious sites for pilgrimage and religious purposes. Sometimes, especially during the days of religious festivities, human stampedes pose a great risk to the lives of the devotees and tourists. In one such notable accident at the temple of Maa Naina Devi in district Bilaspur, 162 people died when a human stampede occurred on 3rd of August 2008. Possibility of such instances is always there if there is any laxity on the part of the management. Boat-capsizing and Helicopter crash are some uncommon but not unprecedented types of anthropogenic disasters.

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Guidelines for conducting Earthquake and Fire Mock Drills in Schools / Educational Institutions

2. Need of Awareness and Preparedness for Disaster Safety in Schools: School Building after 2004 Fire Accident at Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu School Building after the 2001 Earthquake at Bhuj, Gujarat

The impacts of natural and human-induced hazards are increasing with population growth and climate change, causing immense losses to the society. Besides their impact on the society and infrastructure, disasters are also one of the biggest challenges to the goal of ‘Education for All’. In the past couple of decades, a number of disasters killed thousands of school children and severely disrupted the normal education in many countries. The following table reveals alarming data about the impact of disasters on schools in various countries: Sr. Location No. Date

December, 1995

Fire during a school prize distribution ceremony

School Centric Damage

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