Dirty Pretty Things

Topics: English-language films, The Police, Hotel Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: December 20, 2011
Borders and Belonging- Dirty Pretty Things
Notes on reading the film
Airport sounds
Owke… I’m not here to meet you in particular but I am here to rescue those that have been let down by the sys just those that have been let down by the system Soundtrack in taxi on way into city
Tunnels train bridges as barriers
Roof taxi firm underneath bridge Owke looks up
Okwe : Your name is now Mohammed
Helping taxi owner
Ceilings visible- bridge when exiting taxi firm
Baltic Hotel- name
Ceiling visible in entrance/ locker room ceiling visible
Senay arrives
Don’t they have hooker where you are from
I bet they have lions
To room to heart incident
Shot of Okwe’s face from the toilet up-
Kitchen boss arrives in underground garage
Ceiling shots
Green hue to sequence
In office.
Shows the heart to Juan- we need to call the police – dilemma, unable to speak to the police The hotel business is about strangers / they come to the hotel in the night to do dirty things and in the morning it is our job to make things pretty again. Through the grocers shop into flat. Labyrinth of corridors

To the mortuary, wiping away blood/ Chinese or English tea
Playing chess
Confession of heart incident / mortuary underground.
This is a weird city
Chinese Doctor :You don’t ask questions after 11 years here and I’m a certified refugee. You’re an illegal Owke, you have no position here, you have nothing, you are nothing. Stick to people who can be helped.

Goes to buy KHAT.
Senay ‘proper section’ on not sharing a key. Prepares a meal when she is in the shower. A personal space.
Owke in Africa it is the men who cook and clean?
Humour in this section.
Idealised view of NY In the Winter they put lights in the park, the policeman ride white horses I do not want to live like my mother.
Muslim- Yes I do drink wine
Recipe – Lamb /pork ‘joke’
back to taxi firm- gives out pills---lots more people waiting. Humour

Back to hotel
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