Direct or Indirect Jobs

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Direct or Indirect Jobs

By | November 2012
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Direct or Indirect:

Accommodation :
1. Executive chef
- this is an indirect job because you are not the owner of the store you just plan and develop meals, taste the food if its made good , and hire staff.

2. Front Desk Agent
- this is a direct job because you are working directly with the public. You are assisting guests with arrival and departure , handling there concerns with any concerns they are having , handling and storing there luggage etc.

Food And Beverage:
1. Cook
- this is a indirect job because you are not preparing food just for tourist but you are just making basic food and monitoring the staff which really isn’t interfering with the travelling public.

2. Kitchen Helper
- this is an indirect job because you help in making basic foods , clean equipment, scrub pots and pans, and store away store goods , you are only interfering with the people in the kitchen and you hardly leave the kitchen to see any tourists.

Adventure Tourism:
1. Ski/Snowboard Instructor
- this is a direct job because you are teaching the guests how to snowboard or ski . You are directly interfering with them . You teach them all they need to know about snowboarding/skiing.

2. Sous Chef- Ski Resort
- this is an indirect job because even though it has to do with food and beverage you are still in a ski resort center which you do not have any contact with travelling public ,you train staff members, you have to be a good cook , and tell staff member there role in the kitchen.

1. Rental Technician
- this is a direct job because you are directly in contact with the travelling public , you are letting them rent equipments that belong in the store, you make sure the equipments return back to the store and maintain the rental shop to be clean.

2. Truck Driver
- this is an indirect job because you are not directly in contact with any type of travelling public , you are just driving equipment to one place to the...

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