Diffusion of Innovation

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“Diffusion of Innovations”

Ya-Chuen,Yu (Jessica)
Consumer Behavior
Term 1 2012-2013

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1a. Product Chosen
There are a few battery-powered electric jackets on the market today, but the downside of the stuff is most come with bulky heating insert with heavy batteries that are less than innovation. There is no denying that Columbia’s new electrically heated apparel will be accepted easily in the market, especially the countries which are sub-zero temperatures. The batteries included apparel rolls up the stage, and the feature of gear is a breakthrough in battery technology, not just a gimmicky. Omni-heat transmits from three pockets, one for each hand and an internal left chest pocket with hood (Hitchcock, 2010). The major part is the smart clothes will keep you warm, dry and toasty when winter time is coming.

b. Need it satisfies
As we know, system availability plays an important in real time moment. The Omni-Heat Thermal Electric jacket is nice and lightweight due to the polytechnic fill, it does warm like one (Hitchcock, 2010). This outdoor gear, kind of have incredible price around $850 for jacket and $450 for glove, but you will find both of them really fit people’s needs when you get to used that. Here is a point, the batteries, which are rechargeable via AC adapter or any USB port, are thicker than an iPhone but a little bit smaller in size (Montgomery, 2011).They provide comfortable heat across the back of the jacket as well as at the wrists. It is better way to keep body warm against chemical thermal’s patches.

c. Target market
It will be the most useful stuff when covering in snow and the coldness is penetrating the jacket. Those sophisticated players, such as who are really good at snowboarding, ski and other outdoor activities will feel worthy to purchase the apparel. Everything about the jacket feels durable and sturdy from the waterproof fabrication (Montgomery, 2011). In addition, the batteries that place on the right side waist keep our body into constant temperature and people will feel plenty toasty on the coldest days. The further improvement of the batteries that get a full day’s worth of heat if you just turn on the heat button while resting or on the chair lift when snowboarding (Hitchcock, 2010). People are really addicted on using hi-tech product that feel fussing when they find low battery, so the other important advancement for Columbia Omni-Heat product that will still function just the same, only with half as much battery life.

2a. Direct Competition
The “ActivHeat” will be the major competitor to Columbia Sportswear. Similar to the Omni-heat, both of them have battery-heated function that staying body warmth. Battery heated gloves and jackets are portable and easy to use, and will keep our hands warm in the cold. There are a couple choices in ActivHeat, because their products are sold in Brookstone , which seemed like a pretty good endorsement to customers (Scott, 2010) . What’s more, Brookstone sells a pair that has the batteries on the wristband. But since each glove needs three AAA batteries, that can get a little bulky; however, the price for the jacket and glove are cheaper than Omni-heat that depend on customers’ decision.

b. Indirect Competition
The indirect competition for Columbia is Uniqlo, which is the medium-end brand that with higher quality is popular in Asian market. They...
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